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Who Read This Thread: End of support


Staff member
Dear customer,

I announce to you the end of support for WhoReadThisThread addon. A new addon (WhoReadThisContent) was released some time ago including the same features as this one and much more.
Discount coupons for this addons will be offered to customers who had buy this addon and wanting to buy the new one.
We will communicate on this as soon as the new version of our Marketplace will be released with the coupon functionality.

If you have any questions, please ask them here.


Tom McIntyre

New Member
dWe have just upgraded our site to 2.2.12 and Who Read Thread seems to have stopped displaying.

I don't really care about the price but I did a bit of work on the widget display of Who Read Thread. I presume restyling the Who Read and Who is Watching displays is not difficult?

Tom McIntyre

New Member
In the options, the feature is enabled in all of our forums. It is set to display below the thread with names and note the last read date.

In the usergroup permissions our default group, registered user, is enabled to view the read and watched widgets. We do not use the viewing widget.

This does not really matter since we are upgrading to 2.2.12 and want to install your successor addon. I started a thread in the forum you link to from the drop support notice and was expecting to get a link to buy the new addon at the discount price.