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Xen Factory migration to XF2.1, XF1 license's owners discount extension and more...


Freaky Coder
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Dear customers,

Have you may have seen, we were offline for the last two days :eek:.

No no no ! Don't worry ! We were just finalizing the migration of our site to the long awaited XF2.1 !!! The new site is now considered ready and should be stable, don't hesitate to report any glitch you may encounter.
As you can see we mostly sticked to the same color scheme as we wanted to stay consistent.

But wait is that all ?!
Hell no ! A good news never comes alone so we have also prepared two good surprises for you...

The first one is related to our XF1 products, as XF2.1 is now the new standard and the support for XF1 is going to be dropped at the end of the year by Xenforo, we have decided to provide a 60% discount - o_O 60% really ?!! Yup you read correctly - on all our XF1 products.
We hope you'll like it !

The second one is related to the discount we were already offering to XF1 licenses owner.
As of now, we had limited the discount to the customers that owned an active license in the 6 months prior to the release of the first version of the XF2 version of the product. This migration being a long and slowly task, we felt it wasn't fair for you. So we have decided as of know to remove the 6 month restriction and extend it to all licenses owners before today. Why today ? Obviously, this discount will not apply to the customers which will benefit of our 60% discount on the XF1 add-ons.
For more information related to the discount, refer to our product policy HERE.

We are happy to welcome you to our Xen Factory 2.1, we hope you will like it and that you will also love our two surprises.

The Xen Factory staff
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