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Xen Factory product policy for XenForo 2


Freaky Coder
Staff member
Any plan for XF2 version? I have 490 categories in RM and it is difficult to explore it using the sidebar, so I wish if you have plan to update this addon guys :)


As you perfectly highlighted in your first post, this is not planned but we are willing to do it if funded.


New Member
Any update on when Members Map will be ported? It's the only addon preventing me from updating my forum now. I will offer bribes. They won't be very large bribes though :)


RM Donations: May be ported if funded

How much is the cost for it?

Thank you


Freaky Coder
Staff member
Product policy update 23/02/2019:
  • Implementation of new features on XF1 version of our add-ons officially dropped.
  • 50% discount extended to all XF1 licenses owners and limited to prior 23/02/2019 (XF1 discount start)